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David Isely


The only music he was allowed to listen to for the first 10 years of his life outside of church hymns was Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley gospel. An old Johnny Cash cassette was left in the old Buick his grandma gave his older sister and that tape was worn out on every trip to town. Like a normal kid would, he managed to get hold of an old portable FM radio and became obsessed with the Brent Mason licks and catchy tunes that Alan Jackson was pumping out in the 90s. Country music and hard work sum up Isely and his songwriting.

In 2020 Isely used his own hard-earned money to produce and record an album. He wrote all 10 songs on the album “Nothin’ New” and released it on Spotify. “Good Man” is a soul-searching song that was inspired by the difficulties faced during the pandemic and since it’s release has received over 30,000 streams. “The first album was a lifelong dream, and I learned a lot, The next album is going to be the best ever”, he says. Keep an ear out for his upcoming new single and don’t miss out on seeing his band play around Central Texas.

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